Personalized Exercise and Therapy to Help You Return to Your Activities and Sports After Illness or Injury

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What do Olympians and 80-year-olds have in common?...

They both deal with pain on a daily basis!  They get recurring injuries and deal with persistent pain - often making them scared and frustrated because they can't find the reason for it all!

For over 25 years, I've been helping people achieve their physical fitness and performance goals, from safely returning people to their favorite activities after surgery, to helping build athletes for the World stage. 


If you've been struggling to find the answers to your lack of progress, 

reach out to me so I can help!

Senior Physiotherapy

I help you recover from injuries and manage your health condition so you can regain your independence.

Return to your lifestyle activities without worrying about recurring injuries and pain.


Recovery is more than rehab. 

Avoid falling back into pain after therapy with personalized exercises for your health status and fitness goals.


Anyone can make you tired.  Get rid of pain during or after exercise and break through your plateaus for good.