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John Gray RKin, Registered Kinesiologist

Results-Focused Exercise and Training to Help You Reduce Pain and Return to Your Activities and Sports!

Reach out to me to find out how you can start moving and feeling better, faster!

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I've been a Kinesiologist, Sports Therapist and Trainer for over 25 years.  I help people achieve their health, fitness and performance goals - from safely returning people after surgery to their favorite activities to helping athletes break through plateaus and compete on the world stage. 

I’ve worked with everyone from professional athletes to weekend warriors to octogenarians.  Many of my current and past clients include leading medical and allied health professionals in Toronto. 


If you've been struggling to find the answers to your lack of progress, please contact me for a no-obligation discussion about your story and what you can do, even if we don't work together

You can read my storyreach out or book an assessment here. 


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Low Back Pain & Sciatica

Neck and Shoulder Pain

Spinal Stenosis

Lumbar Disc Surgery

Knee Osteoarthritis

Joint Replacement Recovery

Osteoporosis and Posture

Balance and Falls Prevention

Workplace Injuries (WSIB)

Motor Vehicle Accidents


Rotator Cuff Tears

Knee Ligament Sprains

Recurring Injuries from Exercise

Post-Operative Fatigue and Pain

Pain During Activity

Exercise Management for 

Chronic Illness

Incomplete Rehab Recovery


Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Achilles Tendinitis

Tennis Elbow

Golfer's Elbow

Shoulder Instability

Myofascial Tension

Return to Sport After Injury

Proprioceptive Loss

Dynamic Joint Stability

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I saw John give a talk about sport performance training in 2009 and it changed how I trained my athletes (back when I was a trainer). Total game-changer. Years later John and his team helped me overcome an injury that several other health professionals failed to diagnose properly. I highly recommend working with John for your movement, injury, performance, and/or rehab needs, or anything in that ballpark. Also if you need a speaker on movement or performance.

- Kyle Byron

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