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A Bit About Me:

I work with people of all ages and abilities who share one thing in common - they can't get past some invisible line or barrier that is holding back their health, physical activity, or sports performance.

For over 25 years, I've been helping my clients find the progress they've been working so hard to achieve.  Whether it is improving health with exercise for chronic illness, getting back onto the golf course after orthopaedic surgery, or setting a personal record in the marathon, I'm sure I can help you move forward towards your goals.

I have always had a multidisciplinary approach to helping clients. Even during my Master’s degree at Queen’s University when I was working with a team of clinical and academic researchers in Anatomy, Kinesiology, Engineering and Rehabilitation Science called Clinical Mechanics Group.

Later, I went back to school to work with Professor Stuart McGill, an internationally recognized biomechanist, studying the biomechanics of low back pain.   While there, I was concurrently the laboratory manager, overseeing the research of our multidisciplinary team of physicians, physiotherapists and other health professionals, who were students, visiting researchers, and post-doctoral fellows with the Spine Biomechanics Lab.  Dr. McGill and I also co-authored a chapter in The Functional Training Handbook.

I've continued to learn and train with international leaders in physical and movement assessment and therapy, including Paul Hodges, Shirley Sahrmann, Mark Comerford, and Jack Miller.  ​I apply the skills and knowledge gained from these experiences to help my clients progress in their function, movement, and performance. 

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There is a huge gap between physical/medical therapy outcomes and actually being able to return to life the way it was before your health problem happened.  In fact, pain and disability are a bigger problem today than ever.  ​


Sadly, it often leads to recurring injuries and persistent/chronic pain -  making people scared and frustrated to engage in activities because they can't find the reason for it all!

One of the reasons my clients get successful outcomes is that we only do the exercises that are needed to help them achieve their goals.  This is because it’s not only about what exercises are necessary, but also knowing when the right time is to do them.

A Bit About My Approach:

My favorite saying is that “recovery is more than rehab..”  Despite the hype, there is really no magic treatment or exercise that will cure pain and keep it away forever. 

I think that exercise professionals should do more than just make you tired over and over again.  Your desire to regain lost function or enhance your fitness and performance is only going to be possible when it is designed with your specific health history, status, and goals all in mind.

Interested to know how I can help you? 

Feel free to contact me by email, phone, or social media!

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