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I saw John give a talk about sport performance training in 2009 and it changed how I trained my athletes (back when I was a trainer). Total game-changer. Years later John and his team helped me overcome an injury that several other health professionals failed to diagnose properly. I highly recommend working with John for your movement, injury, performance, and/or rehab needs, or anything in that ballpark. Also if you need a speaker on movement or performance.

- Kyle Bryon

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I work with people of all ages and abilities who share one thing in common - they can't get past some invisible line or barrier to improve their health, physical activity, or sports performance.

Unfortunately, the fitness world isn't helping these people.  Despite the number of "post-rehab" and "sports specific" certifications that are available, many people realize that they don't address their actual needs.

This sends many people into a cycle of lack of progress, pain, and reinjury that seems to be impossible to beat.

For over 25 years, I've been helping my clients find the progress they've been working so hard for.  Whether it is improving health with exercise for chronic illness, getting back onto the golf course after spine surgery, or setting a personal record in the marathon, I feel as excited as my clients when they achieve their personal milestones.

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There is a huge gap between physical/medical therapy outcomes and actually being able to return to life the way it was before your health problem happened.  Trends like "core strengthening" and "functional training" have become terms even your grandma knows, but they have almost no research evidence to support them.  In the real world, many people (from patients to athletes alike) realized this the hard way.

I've always been driven to understand this relationship better.  I went from focusing on the biomechanics of sports and performance as an undergrad to doing a Master's degree with the Clinical Mechanics Group at Queen's University to study anatomical forces that cause hip and knee arthritis.  Later, I joined internationally recognized spine biomechanics expert Stuart McGill, Ph.D., to research spine loading and injury mechanisms during weight training exercises.  

I apply the skills and knowledge gained from these experiences to help my clients progress in their function, movement, and performance.  No hype required.


My clients have ranged from octogenarians to Olympians, and have overcome barriers to their health that include:

  • Reducing the side-effects and dosage of medications for chronic conditions such as cardiovascular and metabolic conditions, and cancer

  • Reducing falls by improving gait and balance problems

  • Recovering from back pain and return to fitness for people with scoliosis and other sources of mechanical low back pain

  • Returning to lifestyle activities, including competitive sports, after surgery or illness

  • Returning to competitive skiing after surgery for tibial fracture

  • Returning to golf and tennis after surgery for stenosis or joint replacement

  • Overcoming knee and hip injuries to achieve a personal best in the Marathon​

Interested to know if I can help you? 

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